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WWAG 2016 conference audio recordings are available for online ordering. MP3 files will be available for download or online streaming.

Full set - $120.00 Full set of 2016 conference recordings. Click here to order this item Peter Norwood - $10.50 Full Circle Nutrition, Maffra Victoria, Australia Peter specialises in nutritional balancing using hair mineral analysis. Australian and New Zealand dairy farmers are using this scientific methodology to break through animal health and production barriers. Peter will discuss the role of antioxidants. Can they double yields and profit? Click here to order this item York Bayer York Bayer - $10.50 Bayer Handelsvertretung, Berlin, Germany York is an independent soil and plant fertility consultant, who adapted Professor Albrecht’s approach to suit European conditions. His philosophy is “Healthy soil = healthy plants and high yields = healthy animals = healthy humans.” Click here to order this item Brody Kennedy Brody Kennedy - $10.50 Dairy, East Gippsland, Australia Brody and wife Alissa milk 400 cows across two dryland properties, totalling 320ha. Three-quarters of the cows are autumn calved. Eighty per cent of the land is in lucerne/chicory/tonic/prairie pasture. Kennedys have been using the Kinsey-Albrecht programme for the past three years and carrying out hair mineral analysis for the past year. Click here to order this item Neal Kinsey Neal Kinsey - $10.50 Kinsey Agricultural Services, United States Neal owns and operates Kinsey Agricultural Services. He has been a soil fertility specialist since 1973, learning under Dr William A. Albrecht. His approach is based on using soil chemistry and providing nutrients to correct the soil’s physical structure, providing the ideal environment for encouraging life in the soil. Neal discusses the importance of magnesium in the soil and how to improve water efficiency for crop production. Click here to order this item Roelie van Reenen Roelie van Reenen - $10.50 Meat producer, Beefmaster, Christiana, South Africa The Van Reenen Family owns Beefmaster, a vertically integrated business of cattle feeding and beef production. Beefmaster sells beef to local and international wholesalers, as well as through its own retail outlets. Roelie has been using the Kinsey-Albrecht programme on the family's properties for 14 years, producing silage and pasture for feeding cattle. Roelie speaks about Beefmaster and the changes the programme has made to their operation. Click here to order this item Mat Smith Mat Smith - $10.50 Dairy, Maffra Victoria, Australia Mat milks 210 cows on 70ha of irrigated land – a mixture of flood and spray irrigation. He has been working with the Kinsey-Albrecht programme for the past seven years. Click here to order this item Tim Reinbott Tim Reinbott - $10.50 University of Missouri, Columbia Missouri, United States Tim is superintendent of the MU Bradford Research Center (BREC). He is known for “thinking outside the box”, expanding the research, education and outreach/extension programmes at BREC. Tim speaks on the importance of cover crops, soil health, and how soil fertility influences food quality. Click here to order this item Aaron Woolard Aaron Woolard - $10.50 Precision Sampling, Cape Girardeau Missouri, United States Aaron is a soil mapping specialist, farmer and soil fertility consultant. He speaks about how and why soil mapping improves the efficiency of fertiliser and water application. Click here to order this item Joe Mason Joe Mason - $10.50 Sheep and cropping, Dubbo New South Wales, Australia Spicers Run is a 3800ha property about 30km north of Wellington, New South Wales. The soil is predominantly red basalt type. The family operation runs 9000 merino ewes, all mated to Border Leicester rams. Livestock graze on improved pasture of predominantly lucerne, clover, phalaris and chicory. Approximately 40% of the property is cropped each year - in canola, wheat, barley and oats - with a large percentage of the crops being dual purpose. About 95% of the property is arable. Joe implemented the Kinsey-Albrecht programme in 2004 and has been very impressed with the results. Click here to order this item Alex Ulrich Alex Ulrich - $10.50 Robotic dairy milking platform, South Canterbury, New Zealand The Ulrich family have been using the Kinsey-Albrecht programme for several years and practising hair mineral analysis within the dairy herd. Alex runs 260 cows on 114ha, of which 100ha is irrigated. Six robotic units operate in the cowshed. The operation’s cropping area (separate to the milking operation) is planted out to grow 60% lucerne, 20% fodder beet and 20% maize. Click here to order this item Steve King Steve King - $10.50 Cropping, Canterbury, New Zealand Steve farms 272ha at Mayfield, Mid Canterbury. He has been using the Kinsey-Albrecht programme for the past nine years, including a block under irrigation. Steve grows 90ha of barley and 130ha of wheat, as well as running dairy grazers. Click here to order this item Dr Don Huber Dr Don Huber - $10.50 Professor Emeritus Purdue University, Idaho, United States Don is an internationally-respected scientist in the field of plant pathology and a leading expert in genetically-modified organisms. He speaks about the six principles of managing nutrition to control plant disease, and the overuse of glysophate. Click here to order this item Bo Shropshire Bo Shropshire - $10.50 Independent consultant , Brawley California, United States. Bo is a soil fertility and production consultant. He works with both conventional and organic growers to address disease, weeds, insects and soil fertility in southern California deserts and Southeastern Arizona. Bo discusses what to do with and how to manage high sodium and high pH soils to increase yields. Click here to order this item Matt Broad Matt Broad - $10.50 Dairy, Bodalla New South Wales, Australia Matt milks 350 cows and supplies milk into the Sydney market. The 165ha grazing platform includes 70ha of irrigated river flats, which have been converted to Malibar grass mixture. The remainder of farm is undulating hills – with a kikuyu base, oversown each autumn with winter-active annuals. Replacements heifers are carried on farm. While grain is purchased in, all other fodder is homegrown. Click here to order this item Bob Perry Bob Perry - $10.50 Perry Agricultural Laboratory, United States Bob is general manager of Perry Agricultural Laboratory. He speaks about how soil measurement can be the key to managing and nourishing a soil to its full potential and maximum economic yield. Click here to order this item

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