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Full set of DVDs 2015 - $50.00 Click here to purchase the whole conference set of DVDs. Click here to order this item Farmers - $25.00 Rob Sutherland, Dean Pye, Ulrich family, Steve King, Bryan and Lisette Barrows, Purchase a DVD containing the presentations from all of these farmers. Click here to order this item Bob Perry Bob Perry - $25.00 Perry Agricultural Laboratory, United States Bob Perry is general manager of Perry Agricultural Laboratory. He speaks about different soil test methods and provide detailed comparisons of Bray P1, Bray P2, Olsen, Mehlich, Morgan, Reams and Ammonium Acetate extracts. Bob also discusses effective soil testing, keeping pH in perspective and the importance of balance. Click here to order this item Neal Kinsey Neal Kinsey - $25.00 Kinsey Agricultural Services, United States Neal owns and operates Kinsey Agricultural Services. Neal has been a soil fertility specialist since 1973, learning under Dr William A. Albrecht. His approach is based on using soil chemistry and providing nutrients to correct the soil’s physical structure. Neal discusses the application of nitrogen and the forgotten element, magnesium. Click here to order this item Peter Norwood Peter Norwood - $25.00 Full Circle Nutrition, Australia Peter Norwood specialises in animal hair mineral analysis. Within New Zealand and Australia, it is used by dairy farmers. Peter discusses soil and hair tests, including the diseases they reveal. Click here to order this item Bill Brush Bill Brush - $25.00 B&B Ag Consulting Inc, United States Bill Brush has developed a unique soil fertility and irrigation water management system. Bill discusses why we need to be testing our own individual water supplies. Click here to order this item Dr Nico van Vuuren Dr Nico van Vuuren - $25.00 Soiltech, South Africa Nico van Vuuren is managing director of South African-based Soiltech. Nico’s approach is about maximising soil life and uses an actively-aerated biological additive. Nico discusses when and where to use biologicals. Click here to order this item Tim Reinbott Tim Reinbott - $25.00 University of Missouri, United States Tim Reinbott is Superintendent of the MU Bradford Research and Extension Centre (BREC). Tim is known for “thinking outside the box”, expanding the research, education and outreach/extension programmes at BREC. He speaks on the topic of trial data. Click here to order this item Dr Peter Espie Dr Peter Espie - $25.00 AgScience , New Zealand Dr Peter Espie is a research scientist who specialises in soil-plant relationships. AgScience provides independent scientific assessments for farmers, commercial companies, district and regional councils and New Zealand and Australian government departments. He presents data from New Zealand trials. Click here to order this item Aaron Woolard Aaron Woolard - $25.00 W&K Precision Ag, United States Based in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Aaron is a soil mapping specialist, farmer and soil fertility consultant. He speaks about why we need to soil map to lift crop yields. Click here to order this item Bruce Hore and Jeremy Cummingham Bruce Hore and Jeremy Cummingham - $25.00 AgriGanics, Full Circle Nutrition, New Zealand Bruce Hore farmed for many years before he began studying under Neal Kinsey in 2005. He has since become New Zealand’s most experienced Kinsey-Albrecht consultant and organises tours to different parts of the world, showcasing the programme’s potential. He is also organiser of the annual WAGG conference. Jeremy Cunningham has considerable hands-on farming experience, as well as five years working with farmers using the Kinsey-Albrecht system. He also consults in hair mineral analysis and nutrition. Bruce and Jeremy are both independent advisors and speak on how the Kinsey-Albrecht system can work in New Zealand. They go over soil sample histories, to show how nutrients build in the soil as a result of different products. They also look at which fertiliser products - purchased from a farmer’s normal suppliers - can be used to achieve increased production from the same fertiliser spend. How? Simply by prioritising. Click here to order this item

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